frequently asked questionsFrequently Asked Questions

Q? What is a business consultant?

A: A business consultant is an independent professional who, for a fee, helps a business owner and/or its management, to define and to achieve goals through better utilization of resources. Business consultants are “change-agents ” who not only propose change, but also implement it as well.

Q? How can I tell if I need a consultant?

A.There are no hard or fast rules for deciding, if or when, a business consultant should be engaged to solve a problem. There are, however, a few common situations which suggest that a consultant may be necessary:

  • When management does not have the knowledge and /or skills necessary to solve the problems it has identified.
  • When management has the necessary knowledge and skills, but not the time nor the available staff  to solve the problems that have been identified.
  • When management’s efforts are unable to produce the necessary, long-term improvements.
  • When management requires an independent third-party opinion, either to confirm a decision or to provide  alternate options.
  • When management feels that things could be better, but does not know what to do or where to go to obtain sound, professional advice. Often, a situation requires that a consultant be retained until in-house capabilities are enhanced by a permanent staff addition.

Q? Why Use a Business Consultant?

A. The most common reasons that businesses seek a consultant are:

  • To obtain technical or specialist advice for a specific problem.
  • To complete tasks that require knowledge/skills that are currently not held by anyone in the business.
  • To develop innovative, viable processes that replace current non-productive ones.
  • To do work that no one else has time to do.
  • To confirm for potential investors that their future financial investment in the new venture will be a sound and profitable one.
  • To provide training for current skills and/or current business practices.
  • To act as a temporary Director or Executive.

Q? Why do I need a business consultant? Why can’t I just do it myself?

A. Business owners hire business consultants for any or all of the following reasons:

  • The business owner wants the business consultant to perform specific technical tasks which the owner does not have the expertise to perform by himself/herself.
  • The business owner wants the business consultant to perform specific technical tasks which the owner is unwilling to do himself/herself.  It is more cost-effective to hire the talent on an interim basis than to hire a permanent employee.
  • The business owner prefers someone, with proven expertise from outside the company, to provide a fresh and objective perspective on how best to solve current business problems.  A talented business consultant can be a valuable resource person.

Q? How does Paradigm Strategies charge for their services?

A. We base our fees on a per-diem rate, and we bill out-of-pocket expenses separately. Our client engagements vary. The engagement may be for a short-term specific project, or the engagement may be for an indefinite period of time in which Paradigm Strategies provide advice and direction on a continual basis.

Q? How much does Paradigm Strategies’ services cost?

A. It varies and depends on the scope of work to be performed. The actual scope of work can only be determined after we personally discuss the particular issues and challenges the client and his/her business is presently facing. After these preliminary discussions have occurred, we submit a written proposal that clearly defines the item(s) that make up the scope of work and detail our fee structure, expenses, and payment schedule.

Q? How does Paradigm Strategies handle confidentiality?

A.Paradigm Strategies considers the detailed knowledge we obtain concerning our client’s operations and staff to be highly confidential. Such information is not to be discussed with, nor disclosed to a third party without the client’s express permission. We sign and submit a Confidentiality Agreement to the client before any work begins.

Q? Can I use Paradigm Strategies if I am located outside of Boston, MA?

A. Yes, most definitely. Paradigm Strategies consults with clients who are located all over the United States.  We communicate by telephone, e-mail, courier, and fax.  We find this arrangement works well for our out-of-town clients.

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