9 Hot Facebook Marketing Tips

I have been on Facebook for about a year now.  One thing that seems to mystify me – as well as my business consulting clients – is how to effectively market your business on Facebook.  Yesterday I came across this article on 9 Facebook Marketing Tips.  It is a great concise article.  If you are […]

5 Things Every Small Business Needs to Know About SEO

I was recently discussing SEO with a plumbing contracting client.  I find this to be a very interesting topic due to its tech nature as well as the  results it can produce if done properly – increase site traffic and sales.  Since I am not an expert on SEO, I thought I would so some […]

How Small Businesses Can Profit Using Social Media

I am constantly asked by small business owners about the future of social media and the most effect way to incorporate it into a small business.  Today I just read a great short article on how small businesses can profit from using social media.  The article focused in on four key points: 1. It takes […]