9 Hot Facebook Marketing Tips

I have been on Facebook for a while now. One thing that seems to mystify me – as well as my business consulting clients – is how to effectively market your business on Facebook. Yesterday I came across this article on 9 Hot Facebook Marketing Tips. It is a great concise article. If you are looking to implement a Facebook marketing program, this article is a must read.

It’s not that hard to market your brand on Facebook. Some of the biggest brands in the world use these same tactics. With over 2 billion users, Facebook has become an increasingly useful tool for brands. It’s important for companies to have a strong presence on the social network.

Whether your brand is fully established or just starting out, launching a marketing campaign can seem overwhelming. But, several small and simple things give your brand a start on Facebook. Some of these marketing tactics are used by the biggest brands in the world. 

Some of the 9 hot Facebook marketing tips covered are:

  • Checking the availability of your vanity URL
  • Using a third-party content distributer
  • Strategies on publishing local content
  • Determining what and when to publish content on Facebook
  • Facebook ads
  • Creating a QR code
  • How to use Facebook social plugins
  • Application publishing platforms

Marketing on Facebook isn’t just throwing links on posts. Fresh, relevant content, images, and videos, should be part of the mix. Engaging your audience will make your Facebook marketing campaign a successful venture.

Also, you need to time your posts. There are key times when to put out your message that will catch the most eyes. You don’t need to post on real time, you can set up a schedule for your posts to take advantage of key engagement periods.

Keep in mind, just about every business posts on Facebook. You need to stand out. Following the 9 Facebook marketing tips will help give you a step above your competitors.

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