Small Business ProjectsSmall Business Projects

Occasionally a client will need help with a business project.  Many times it is a project they have wanted to get to but just can’t seem to find the time to get it accomplished.  At Paradigm Strategies, we can help you get these very important projects done. Here are some of the business projects we have completed in the past:

  • Sales and Marketing – Evaluating sales effectiveness, devising sales strategies, developing your sales and marketing plan and handling your entire marking effort if needed
  • Operations – Streamlining internal processes, reorganizing and upgrading systems, developing new operational systems for increased control
  • Management – Recruiting, hiring and retaining employees, creating a compensation and incentive plan
  • Finance – Updating bookkeeping system, improving cash flow and reducing costs

To schedule a brief appointment to discuss how we can help you make your organization more competitive, productive and profitable, call business consultant, Kevin Lister at 508-480-0010 or email Kevin via the form below.

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