Digital Marketing

Need digital marketing that moves the needle?

Great marketing should underscore what makes you different and better from the competition. It should grab attention. It should move someone to take action – buy, ask for more information, get involved.

We look at each situation as an open canvas. There are NO cookie cutter solutions.

From cutting edge digital media to traditional direct mail, we help assess what will first attract the low hanging fruit, those predisposed to buy from you. We then build a program that identifies and reaches mirror images of the early adopters. You are able to generate revenue and scale at a manageable pace.

Helping you navigate advertising and marketing options, including…

Social media (developing your tone and content strategy; including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Alignable)

Website services (enhancing images, findability and conversion rates; including website design and SEO enhancements)

E-newsletters (coaxing repeat, expanded and referral business)

Digital advertising (Google and Facebook)

Podcasting (as a guest or host)

PR strategy (how to obtain free press coverage that creates visibility, credibility and sales)

Direct response/direct mail (helping you target and stand out)

Speaking engagements (getting you in front of local groups to national conferences and trade shows)

Serving small to mid-market clients, we often act as a “quarterback” to generate “new business” on a consistent basis. We look at what tools are necessary to surround your best potential customers with enticing messages.

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Ready to see how digital marketing can transform your business?