Half-Retirement© Program 

Don’t sell your business. Half-Retire!

A GREAT alternative to selling your business, our Half-Retirement© Program allows you work 2 to 3 days a week, doing the work you enjoy, while keeping your existing income. Our program consists of 6 results-oriented steps. Together we create a customized blueprint for your success, then meet regularly to implement it. And down-the-road, if decide to sell your business, it will tend to be worth more.

Half-Retirement© is ideal for business owners who…

Realize that the anticipated proceeds from the sale of their business will not provide their existing income

Want to keep their business and income but remove the ownership headaches

Desire to slow down but not sell their business

Are concerned about boredom during retirement

Still enjoy portions of their work but wish they could remove portions they dislike

Our program starts with the creation of your Half-Retirement© plan followed by 12 monthly 1-hour video meetings. We have created unique steps that will put you into the half-retirement mode. These include a “management by walking around” style, and streamlined financial controls.

We’ll help you get into the half-retirement mindset, show you how to delegate tasks, re-leverage your assets, and more.

Book your complementary 30-minute Zoom meeting here to discuss our Half-Retirement© program.

Ready to see how Half-Retirement© can transform your life and business?