Strategic Planning

Let’s create an effective plan.

Ultimately the success of any small- to mid-size business depends on the creation and implementation of effective strategic planning. Unfortunately, far too many business owners rely solely on setting one to two annual financial goals and then hope and pray they hit them by year’s end. While this may prove to be a successful short-term strategy, this approach unfortunately often leads to the lackluster results many companies are experiencing today. Strategic planning is a long-term growth plan that will put your business on a successful path.

Strategic Growth Planning

Paradigm Strategies will guide you through the development of a customized, strategic plan that supports your goals but also considers your business needs and the issues that are inhibiting your growth and success. The plan begins with SWOT analysis, then identifies your company’s vision, sets clear objectives, outlines effective strategies and tactics, and establishes efficient time frames. It also provides you with focus and momentum and enables you to create the future you envision for your company.

Your simple, yet very effective, growth plan can be completed in 3-4 two-hour video meetings.

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Business Planning with LivePlan®


LivePlan® is much more than just a tool to create a simple business plan. Using LivePlan® we will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a detailed and complete business plan document. It includes automatic financials and a polished presentation. It has everything you need for a complete business plan.

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