11 Red Flags You Should Avoid When Hiring

With the economy starting to turn-around I am beginning to see small businesses hiring again. One of the keys to hiring good talent is to avoid hiring bad talent. But how do you do this? This article does a great job of providing you with tips on 11 red flags you should avoid when hiring.

You will learn about whether a potential employee’:

Has honesty and integrity

Is too entrepreneural

doesnt like micormanaging

Is a self-starter

Knows your company

Is communicative

is ambitious

ability to produce results

Lomgterm potential



The great resignation has changed the mindset of employees. In turn, business owners THe article will cover how to tell if a candidate has goals that will meet your business’s needs and if he/she is a team player and can work independtly if needed. 

You want am employee that will contribute to your mission and whether they share your passion.  

Check out the 11 red flags you should avoid when hiring a new employee.

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