Growth Planning Post COVID-19 Shutdown: Implementation

In this blog I will be discussing step seven of creating your COVID-19 shutdown growth plan, implementation.

Now that your growth plan is completed it is time to implement it.  This can be a difficult step since it can easily get derailed due to distraction, commitment, lack of communication and procrastination. The key here is to put steps in place to assure these issues don’t derail business growth.

To assure implementation success your company leadership MUST all be committed to the plan and its implementation. Perseverance is crucial. Without this it will be exceedingly difficult assure its success. As well, the importance and benefits of the plan need to be communicated with your people.  This creates but-in and support from your team.  Also, having regular company meeting with progress updates are essential too.  You should determine when you will meet to discuss progress, who will meet and meeting structure.  Your team needs to get together regularly to evaluate the plan’s success.

In order to ensure the success of plan implementation, covering all your bases is important. Some argue that implementation is more important than the plan. It is safe to say that formulating winning strategies is just half the battle, and the other half is their implementation. “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hope; but no plans” – Peter Drucker.

My next blog will cover monitoring, evaluating and adjusting your growth plan.  As always, if you have a business question or issues you would like to discuss, please feel free to reach out to me via our Contact page here on our website,

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