Top Six Traits of a Great Small Business Consultant

Top Six Traits of a Great Business Coach

In my last post I shared my top ten benefits of working with a small business consultant. So now it got you thinking about hiring small business consultant. But what makes up a great small business consultant? Here are my top six traits you should be looking for when hiring your small business consultant.

There are certain traits that separate a good small business consultant from a great small business consultant. People and analytical skills, a solid reputation, and expertise in your field of business are key qualities to look for. Here are the top six traits of a great small business consultant. 

  1. A great small business consultant should have a strong background in business. This should include a business degree (a MBA would be a bonus) as well as experience running a small business. They should know what it is like to stand in your shoes.
  2. A terrific small business consultant should be confident in the business setting. If a business consultant has solid experience and has developed a good head for business, s/he should be confident working with small business owners and be able to speak their language.
  3. A reputable small business consultant should have a high degree of ethics. A business owner needs input from someone with solid moral character. This will assure the advice the business coach provides will be above board and in the business owner’s best interest thus insuring they will make the right decisions for their organization.
  4. A great small business consultant is results-focused. S/he should help create focus and direction for both you and your business. They should set SMART goals with you and help you attain these goals through mentoring. These goals might include: getting more clients, better understanding your financials, becoming a better leader, improving company culture and morale, offering superior customer service…whatever the case may be.
  5. A good small business consultant is analytical and loves solving problems. S/he needs to have an strong overall understanding of business growth strategies and tactics. They must truly enjoy business and thrive on making their clients more successful.
  6. A highly regarded small business consultant should have a solid track record. They should be able to provide you with impressive case studies as well as glowing testimonials from their current and past clients.

So here are six traits you should be looking for in your future small business consultant. If you speak with one that has all six traits, hire them. They will do wonders for both you and your business.

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