Zoom Workshop: The 6 Steps to Half-Retirement©

Half-Retirement© is a great alternative to selling your business. You work 2 to 3 days a week while keeping your existing income.

April 22, 2021

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM EDT

Zoom workshop

Paradigm Strategies/CEO Focus Boston invites you to a virtual workshop, The 6 Steps to Half-Retirement©.

Half-Retirement© is a great alternative to selling your business. You work two to three days a week doing the work you enjoy while keeping your existing income.

Kevin Lister, President of Paradigm Strategies/CEO Focus Boston, will share the 6 steps to creating your effective Half-Retirement© blueprint. Get ready for ideas that you can put to work immediately.

Who Should Attend This Virtual Workshop?

  1. Business owners who realize that the anticipated proceeds from the sales of their business will not provide their existing income.
  2. Owners who want to keep their business and income but remove the ownership headaches.
  3. Business owners who desire to slow down but not sell their business.
  4. Owners who are concerned about boredom during retirement.
  5. Business owners who still enjoy portions of their work but wish they could remove portions they dislike.

You’re busy. In fact, we are all busy. If you are like most business people, it has been a while since you really thought strategically about your organization. This workshop is designed to help with this.

Attendance is FREE compliments of PR Works, Supporting Strategies and Paradigm Strategies/CEO Focus Boston.

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