The Worst Things to Say When You Fire Someone

As a business consultant I have found that one of the most stressful events my client have to endure is letting someone go. Firing an employees is not an easy thing – for both you and the employee. The following article from Inc. shares the 10 worst things to say when you fire someone. If you incorporate a few of these tips, your life as a leader will be much less stressful.

Remember, you need to be thinking of how the employee feels, not you.  Try making the process as painless as possible while protecting your business from any legal issues. Some of the topics the article covers are:

  • How to be direct without sounding cold
  • Clearly stating the reason for the termination
  • Not keeping the employee in limbo after the termination
  • Don’t compare the employee’s performance to another worker
  • Avoid a confrontation
  • How to be professional and empathetic
  • Don’t rush them out the door
  • Don’t make promises to help them in the future you can’t keep
  • Offer to answer any questions they may have in the days ahead
  • Be willing to listen to what the employee has to say
“The 10 Worst Things You Can Say When You Fire Someone” article is a must read for every business owner. Make the situation a bit easier for both of you by following the article’s tips.




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