Marine Corps Leadership Basics for Business – Attracting the Best, Part 1

As I mentioned earlier, the Marine Corps is well recognized for its world-class leadership program.  When it comes to building leaders, no one does it better than the Corps.  This exemplary process begins with attracting the best recruits, followed by delivering elite basic training, and then continues by providing first-class ongoing leadership building for all Marines – both non-commissioned officers (NCO) and commissioned officers – throughout their USMC career.

Let’s begin by discussing six successful recruiting techniques the Corps uses and how these practices would be beneficial to the business community.

1. Recruiters should be the cream of the crop. Being a recruiter is a high-profile post in the Marine Corps. This role is highly sought after, and success here leads to promotion.  Like the Corps, your recruiters are the point people for your hiring efforts and they too MUST be your best to attract the best.  They are the most qualified to recognize candidate potential.

2. Companies should consider casting a wider recruitment net. Like the Corps, you need to look for smart, motivates people with strong character. Background and experience do not guarantee a candidate’s success.  Test for intelligence, personality, and motivation ( is a great tool for this) and use training to develop your people because training and mentoring creates leaders.  As well, this concept lowers recruitment and retention costs too.

In my next two blogs I will continue my discussion on how to attract the best.  If you would like to speak with us about creating a topnotch leadership-driven company culture or have a business question or issues you would like to discuss, please feel free to reach out to us via our website Contact page.

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