Marine Corps Leadership Basics for Business – Attracting the Best, Part 2

In my last blog I spoke about two techniques the Marine Corps uses to attract the best.  In this post I would like to share two more successful methods.

  1. Utilizing an intern program is another great tool. Marines have had much success with the Young Marines program, ROTC and “delayed entry”.  In these programs recruits learn all aspects of the Corps prior to enlisting. This enhanced knowledge leads to increased boot camp completion rate.  Your organization should also consider an intern program. The cost is affordable, creates a pipeline of quality candidates and can reduce overall recruitment costs and struggles.
  2. Focus on make your HR office something special. A Marine recruiter’s office is a recruiting tool.  It is supplied with Corps swag, brochures, photos…  Everything in the office, including the recruiter, reinforces the candidate’s decision to join the Marine Corps.  Your office should be, and do, the same.  Remember, this is the candidate’s first impression of your organization.  It can make or break a candidate’s decision to become a member of your team.

In my next blog I will wrap up my discussion on how the Marine Corps delivers elite basic training and why it applies to improving your leadership efforts. If you would like to speak with us about creating a topnotch leadership-driven company culture or have a business question or issues you would like to discuss, please feel free to reach out to us via our website Contact page.

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