Marine Corps Leadership Basics for Business – Senior Management

Among the Marine Corps leadership management basics are practices to cultivate their senior managers – senior NCOs and senior officers.  Here are six techniques the based on the Marine Corps leadership basics how you can use them for your business’s senior management.


  1. The Marine Corps understands that small can be good – The Corp does not object to being the smallest branch of the service; it revels in it.  It has defined itself as The Few, The Proud.  By being lean, it gets the most from its Marines and can react at a moment’s notice.  It would be wise for every CEO to remember the example of the Marine Corps.  Thinking small enables organizational simplicity, drives operational efficiency, and maintains financial prudence.


  1. Instilling company values is also important to the Corps – In basic training, recruits are taught the Marine Corps’ values of honor, courage, and commitment.  Since 1995, a credit-card-size core values card has been issued to every Marine – no other branch does this.  Organizations should promote and reinforce their values, too.  This will strengthen company culture and contribute to the overall success of the business.


  1. The Marine Corps has a no-frills culture – The Corps offers the fewest amenities of all the other branches of service.  Marines do not feel deprived by this – just being a Marine is the greatest “perk” of them all.  Senior management should realize that morale is not proportionally linked to increased amenities.  Leadership should focus on being the best company in their industry and less on superficial niceties.  This will allow the business to thrive in this extremely competitive business environment.


  1. The Marine Corps values self-assurance – It has refined organizational confidence-building to a science. This undertaking starts in boot camp and continues throughout the Marine’s military career.  Elements include our storied history and reputation, Marine One, the Presidential Band, Marines guarding the White House and all US embassies, and the famous Iwo Jima monument.  Senior management, too, must instill confidence in the minds of its people and customers to be successful.


  1. The loyalty of Marines is legendary – Our motto – Semper Fi – indicates how much value the Corps places on faithfulness.  Loyalty, like this, can be created in business as well.  To do so, a company needs to create a culture of pride and gratitude, establish high employment standards, have the finest training.  As well, they need to strive to be the best organization in the industry, and value the team concept.


  1. The Marine Corps believes in sticking with its core expertise – The Corps is most effective when used as the nation’s fast-response task force.  It trains to get in quickly, and then get out.  Marine generals never forget the Corps’ expertise and protect the Corps from being assigned to inappropriate missions.  Business leaders should adhere to this philosophy as well.  Sticking to the organization’s core competencies creates a strong, long-term competitive advantage.  It also helps the company to become a market leader.


Applying these Marine Corps leadership basics for your senior management will greatly help your business.

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