Step Three, Phase Three of Half-Retirement©

Our Half-Retirement© program consists of 6 results-oriented steps. The third step in our program is Untangling the Owner from the Business.  Phase 3 of this step is Tiered Delegation™.

Tiered Delegation™ is a 5-part delegation process that allows you to effectively assign your tasks.

  1. Part one includes 20% of your total assigned tasks. These are easy tasks that do not require training and supervision.
  2. Part two involves quick tasks where light training will be needed. Employees with aptitude who are self-sufficient are ideal for these assignments. These will include 50% of your assigned tasks.
  3. Part three consists of 12% of your delegated tasks. These consist of easier higher-level tasks and responsibilities that require more in-depth training and supervision.  Therefore, this training requires patience, organization, discipline, and documentation.
  4. Part four includes more advanced high-level tasks and responsibilities – 10% of your assigned tasks. This step requires patience, organization, discipline, and documentation as well.
  5. Part five consists of your non-delegated tasks and responsibilities. These are duties ONLY you can accomplish.  This includes your Picasso Work™ and “special” tasks that only happen occasionally and are not worth training someone to do.  But over time some of these responsibilities may be delegated as the business grows.

Our next blog will cover Step 3, Phase 4 – Measure, Assess & Refine for creating your Half-Retirement© blueprint.  If you would like to speak with us about our Half-Retirement© program or have a business question or issues you would like to discuss, please feel free to reach out to us via our website Contact page:

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